Dubai is more strategic when it comes to export and import of goods. So it is important for to obtain a trading licence in order to start business in Dubai. It is important for every individual to know that if she/he wants to set up a business in Dubai which involves trading like buying or selling of goods then they need to get a commercial trading licence!

It’s time to obtain a commercial licence with AAC Global,we provide you various benefits,out of all few are listed below: 

  •  You can perform maximum of your business activities on the name of commerce trade license.
  • You get a wide variety of choice among types of companies.
  •  Under the name of one license several activities pertaining to to your business can be incorporated.
  • Easy arrangement and proper management of visas, labour, translation etc.

The governing bodies such as Department of Economic Development and various other departments are involved in the process of obtaining a Commercial Trade License. To find out more about commercial licenses in the UAE speak to our business consultants for free!